Anchor work

The purpose of Anchor work is to promote the well-being of adolescents and prevent crime at an early stage. Locally, Anchor teams may also work on cases of domestic violence involving families or partners.

Anchor work is carried out in multi-professional teams consisting of professionals from the police, social services, health services and youth services. The composition of the team may vary from case to case. The multi-professional team meets with the adolescent and his or her parent or guardian at the earliest possible stage in order to provide the appropriate support and, if necessary, direct him or her where to get the right help or support.

Anchor-model process


The contribution made by Anchor work

At the individual level

  • Providing services, whereby intervention into an adolescent's problems can take place at an early stage and thus prevent problems from escalating
  • Offering individual and comprehensive support for adolescents
  • Supporting parents in helping adolescent's get control of their lives
  • Guiding adolescents and their families to getting the support and care they need from other professionals

At an organisational level

  • Acting as a multi-professional specialist network in the field of promoting adolescents' wellbeing and the prevention of crime and radicalisation into violent extremism
  • Participating in the planning and development of Anchor work
  • Follow up and assess the results and actions of the Anchor work
  • Disseminating knowledge and information in relating to the situation of adolescents' and Anchor-work

At a local and societal level

  • Acting as professionals in the field of multidisciplinary and multi-organisational development and implementation of preventive and early intervention services
  • Participating as experts in the development of national guidance
  • Collaborating with other agencies in promoting adolescents' wellbeing
  • Promoting internal security