Manual on multi-professional Anchor work

  • Take a look at the revised manual on multi-professional Anchor work

    The manual guides multi-professional cooperation that supports the wellbeing of children and adolescents and prevents crime. The aim of the manual is to standardise and develop Anchor work to ensure that children and adolescents have equal opportunities to access services throughout Finland.

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  • Violent radicalisation and extremism

    Violent extremism is a form of extremism that uses or threatens to use violence, or encourages or justifies the use of violence based on a world view, or on ideological grounds. The world view or ideology can be politically or religiously motivated or built around a single topic, but it inherently involves the use of violence to achieve the goals. In its most radical form, violent extremism can turn into terrorism.

  • Cybercrime

    Cybercrime includes crime carried out or involving the computer, information network or network equipment. The ‘cyber’ prefix refers to activities related to information networks or data devices. In terms of form, cybercrime usually refers to crime connected to information networks and that target and are carried out using the information network environment.